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How we work

It is difficult to choose the right consultant to help your organisation.

We believe that clarity helps. When we work for you, you know that your work will be personally handled by one of our Directors: no 'farming out' to juniors. You always have one senior point of contact.

We do our best to define assignments clearly up front. We don't like assignments without clear direction. In the short term they may bring us more revenue: but our clients' best interests are served if we remain focused. In the long term, our reputation is our best source of revenue.

We prefer to define fees up front as well. Once these are agreed, you and we know where we stand. We do our work to budget and on time - always.

We work with major corporations, so we understand corporate constraints: but we bring small-company flexibility and attitudes.

We are British, but we've worked in many parts of the world, and we believe that we have developed the sensitivity (and have access to the language skills) to enable us to serve multinational clients wherever they are.