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Resources we offer you.

It takes time and effort to build up the resources you need to train and exercise your organisation effectively. We can offer you:

Role players

Our associates offer experience and skills in many relevant disciplines. They can effectively and realistically simulate the organisations you would have to handel in a real incident, giving you an external and objective input.

We can also provide role players in many major European languages. In many cases they are local residents, thus minimising cost. This is particularly useful to multinational, multilingual organisations who may have to face up to an international incident.

Media role players

No-one can pretend to be a journalist quite as well as a journalist! Our team of free-lance journalists have experience of written, radio and TV journalism, as well as of the 'new media'. They can give you the most accurate feedback about your media response. All have signed confidentiality agreements with us.

Relative role players

Simulating relatives and others personally affected by an incident is not easy: it requires discretion and understanding. Experience - eg of Police response cells - shows that relatives are often not hysterical or demanding, but that their silence and reticence need to be understood and dealt with. Our team includes nurses and other care workers.

Communications facilities

We can provide resources to underpin the often heavy communications requirements of a large exercise.