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We undertake analytical assignments for major European and US companies, working from Board level downwards. Our assignments include:

- advising the client on how best to organise itself to handle major emergencies and incidents

- improving operational, business and communications responses

- advising on insurance and risk management

- helping to build better government relations.

Our consultants have personal experience of handling major crises, and dealing with the media. Our approach is systems - based, but we believe that every client is different and needs a unique crisis management system. 

We do not offer formula responses or stock answers; we believe that every client needs a response structure that fits its own culture and suits its internal dynamics.

We have worked extensively overseas, in most major European countries, Africa, and North America. As a result we have developed our sensitivity to different national standards and hidden assumptions. We have an extensive range of contacts in our chosen fields, and are often able to obtain information or try out ideas without identifying the client on whose behalf we are working.

We are able to help our clients to work according to ‘best industry practice’, whilst keeping in mind time and budgetary constraints.