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Exercises, drills and simulations are the best way of training your organisation to manage and defuse incidents. Your team can reinforce correct management techniques and practice new ones, in a safe but realistic environment.

Our aim in all training is to produce "justified self confidence" in your team. We can simulate the worst problems you might face. A director held to ransom during an overseas visit. A local airport on fire. Meetings disrupted. A leading branded product suspected of poisoning consumers. Or a major oil spill in a tourist paradise. We pride ourselves on producing realistic and plausible scenarios; your team learns the lessons and gains experience.

We provide a complete service to design, write and conduct your exercises. You remain in control.

It is essential to choose the right type of exercise.

Simulations are used to drill large numbers of staff on a site.

Table tops may be best if you want senior management to think through the concepts behind your incident response.

Or exercises may help you to prepare for extensive media or public interest, or develop techniques to include external bodies, such as the emergency services, in your response?