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Product Recall

We offer training for management and incident response teams. As in all our work, we aim to build 'justified self-confidence'.

Major recalls are rare events for most companies. If one occurs, the chances are that your management and staff will have no experience with which to face it. Preparation and training can help avoid expensive mistakes - over-reaction as well as under-reaction. The evidence suggests that much of the damage to a company can come from handling an incident badly, rather than from having it in the first place.

You need to be sure that your organisation can respond quickly and at the right level. Regular training sessions or exercises are the best way to build this confidence.

We also build our training and consultancy advice around cost minimisation: hence our statistical surveys and other analytical work to determine where incident management costs are actually generated.

Our clients include major UK and international food and drink manufacturers and food service companies, in many countries. We have a good view of 'best industry practice', which is at your disposal in this specialised field.