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Human Issues

With the growth in ‘duty of care’ legislation, and other requirements on companies to care for employees, customers and even passers-by, the need to integrate human welfare issues into emergency planning becomes vital.

We offer advice on welfare issues, including strategies for this essential part of a crisis response programme. We train response teams to talk to the public and to those affected by an incident.

Our training programme, designed and reviewed by an industrial psychologist, takes full account of the human needs created during an incident, which may have caused death, injury, or the destruction of property.

Our courses provide candidates with a thorough grounding in the principles and practice of giving a caring, considered and effective response during an incident.  Courses vary in length and intensity according to clients’ needs. 

Relative response teams have the unenviable task of talking to next of kin, relatives and friends of people who may have been affected by an incident. Mishandling these callers can cause great harm to your image and to staff morale. 
Group dynamics play a major role in the way any incident is managed. Often this role is left to chance. We believe this is irresponsible and unnecessary.