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TV and Video

We make creative use of video as a training aid, and to dramatise issues in major exercises or other events. Services include the production of full scale training films with supporting material as well as TV or radio interview training. We provide a fully professional service, to broadcast quality, at a low price that makes sophisticated video an affordable option.

Uses of video include: 

- providing 'news clips' of an incident to enhance the realism of an exercise.

- introducing 'TV crews' to interview your senior staff, or to film 'press conferences' during an exercise. As a training aid, the ability to see for yourself how you perform on screen is invaluable. (And, believe it or not, it builds your confidence.)

- providing TV training, with an expert interviewer, to help your senior staff perform well in interviews and TV discussions.

- making longer training videos, to explain your policies or principles to staff or collaborators world-wide. (One of our videos, made for a major international food company, has been shown on every continent and sub-titled in other languages. It is regularly used to explain incident management techniques at training sessions.)This is a cost-effective method of repeating your message, time and time again, even when you don't want to have a formal training session.

- making business-to-business advertising videos, to give a sophisticated presentation of your service. We specialise in dramatising services which are difficult to explain, presenting them in human rather than formulaic terms.

Show, don't tell!