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Simulations are the largest and most complex of exercises. An incident is set up on your site or in your factory. This may be a fire, collision, injury, or another relevant problem. Sometimes the simulation can be very realistic; often we stage it with the cooperation of emergency services like the Fire Service. External agencies and pressures are also role-played: they can have a major impact on what you do. (Click here for a recent case study of external pressures during a UK incident.)

Your staff on the ground have to assess and control the incident, and report it to your Head Office Incident Management Team. Sometimes two linked incidents can occur simultaneously, putting your teams under even more pressure, involving two or more sites or offices, sometimes on different continents.

Our simulations are always conducted with full concern for safety and environmental impact. Apart from this, they can be as elaborate as you want.

They are an excellent way of training your "field" staff as well as your Head Office team, and of building cohesion across the company. If you wish to include emergency services or other external bodies simulations help develop links and mutual understanding - as well as proving that you are serious about incident response.