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Media response

Corporate media responders need practice in dealing with real media if they are to present the right picture. 

Responders are the voice of your company. When a journalist rings your number, (s)he speaks to them;  (s)he judges you by what they say and do. The skills they need come from training and practice: few people can improvise them. 

Amateur or ill-considered responses can do considerable damage to your position.

The skills and confidence responders need can only be built up through training and practice. Often, they have little information to give out. Despite this, they need to present an image of a competent and helpful organisation. 

We train them to do this by embodying your values. For instance, we try to develop understanding and sympathy for the journalist, always tempered by the need to put over your organisation's message.

Our training is available for various levels of your organisation, including:

telephone response teams to be used for emergencies only

media strategy advisers

senior managers who may have to authorise strategy and appear in interviews.

Our media training is based on real world experience and grounded in strategy, not formula. We use working journalists who see the organisation as real media would see it during an incident. (All of them have signed confidentiality agreements with us and work regularly with us.)