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Your team is faced with a realistic incident. It is being created, using telephone calls, faxes and emails, by role-players acting as your colleagues, the emergency services, the media, your customers, and a wide range of others. Your team has to cope, usually in "real time". They must understand and assess what has happened, develop a management strategy, and implement it.

Exercises can last from two to 72 hours, but we normally recommend 3 to 4 hours. Using only a roomful of role-players, we can create as much pressure as you want. Your team responds from their normal incident management room, their offices, or homes - wherever they would normally be.

We base our simulations on what happens in real incidents: click here for a study of the external pressures during a recent chemical industry incident in the UK.

Afterwards a thorough debrief and a comprehensive report set out the lessons learned, and draw on our own experience of 'best industry practice'.