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PR Strategy

It is essential to understand the threats and opportunities the media pose, and the way that the organisation's response is really seen. This is why we study the way the media cover actual incidents, and make this analysis available to our clients. See an example here.

Our advice and training does not rely on cliché and assumptions. We beleive that it is essential to develop a clear strategy, rather than responding to the media in a formulaic manner. The most important question for our clients is always: ‘what is in this for me? How can I handle media attention in the best interests of my organisation?’

Drawing on academic analysis, but tested against 'real world' experience, our model helps you to focus on what matters to your organisation, and how to achieve it. We offer half or whole day training sessions for senior personnel, combining theory with practical exercises in strategy formulation and implementation. We can provide practical TV or radio training sessions, with experienced interviewers, or take you through the steps of preapring for and holding a press conference.  

Justified self-confidence comes from practice and preparation.